3 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

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3 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Are you considering investing in new windows?  If you answered yes, today’s blog post 3 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Windows should help. Adding new energy efficient windows to your home or office can be intimidating because of the many options available. One solution is to contact a reputable window replacement contractor for advice.  It can definitely make the process easier. In the meantime, our guide will help identify the window that best fits your energy efficiency needs.

Remember the ultimate goal is to purchase a window that helps you save money and energy. In some instances new energy efficient windows may earn a federal tax credit. In other cases, you could qualify for rebates and loans from financial institutions at subsidized rates.

The video below, brought to you from Marvin Windows, is a great place to begin. It helps you understand basic terms like:

  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
  • Air Leakage
  • Low E Coating

First, watch the video, then continue reading our 3 tips for choosing your new energy efficient windows.

3 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Look for the Star Rating Level

When shopping for energy efficient windows, look for those that have a star rating. Energy conservation agencies introduced The ENERGY STAR label in 1992.  The main purpose was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the inefficient use of energy.

A star-rated window is certified as energy efficient. Every label states the essential characteristics and performance factors of that particular window. It’s not too difficult to understand the rating but, if you have any questions, we are here to help.

Consider Insulating Values

  • When choosing energy efficient windows consider insulating factors such as the U-Factor. The U- factor measures the window’s thermal conductivity and insulating abilities. A window with lower U-factor number has good insulating quality.
  • If your budget allows, it is advisable to buy a window frame that has inert gases like krypton and argon in between double glass panes. Inert gases increase the insulating quality of a window frame, thus saving on energy.
  • Other insulating factors to consider are the use of low- remittance coatings on the glass surface.

If you do not understand the insulation qualities, our experienced window replacement team will be happy to guide you through the process of selecting the best energy saving windows for your project.

Choose Window Frames That Save on Energy

There are many window frames on the market today. Choose a frame that fits your climate and energy saving needs. When choosing a window frame, consider its maintenance and other personal preferences such as window design and matching factors. Advantages of window frames differ in terms of the material used.  Wood is the most traditional window frame material and is a good choice because it insulates naturally. The biggest hurdle with wood frames is maintenance because they require frequent painting to prevent them from warping, rotting and cracking. Wood frames are more convenient for use of single story buildings as it is easier to maintain.

The most popular material is vinyl because it is affordable and durable compared to wood. Vinyl-clad material is an excellent alternative given it is weather-tolerant, has good insulating qualities and adds beauty to the door finishing. Vinyl-clad material is also easy to maintain. The third frame material is aluminum. Unlike wood, it is resistant to warping and splitting and does not require painting. The downside of aluminum frames is their notoriety for transferring cold and heat. Aluminum frames also have condensation problems in northern climates.

A window replacement project is a long-term investment that requires high quality and valuable products. In conclusion, here are a few additional tips for choosing energy efficient windows:

  • First of all, make sure they have a good warranty.  It should reflect the quality and durability of the product.
  • Buy windows from a company whose values match your needs.
  • The company must have a proven track record and commitment in terms of quality service and product delivery.

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jack stiles October 9, 2019

We want to get new windows to help us save money on our energy bills. It was helpful when you suggested to make a budget for your windows before you choose which ones to get. When we choose one, I will be sure to make a budget before.

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